Corner Bakery Café

Corner Bakery Café is an established American chain of cafes that has its headquarters in Dallas, TX. The café has maintained significant specialty in offering the best breakfast dishes, homemade soups, bread, pastries, gourmet sandwiches, pasta, and salads. The Lettuce Entertain You Enterprise from Chicago initially founded the eatery and ran it for four years before selling it off to Brinker International in September 1995. Upon inception, the Corner Bakery Café offered freshly baked bread, espresso, and coffee. It also continued to provide its services to Lettuce Entertain You Enterprise, which brought about a constant growth in the number of clients and guests. This is when the eatery began serving homemade soups, salads, bread and sandwiches due to greater demands from customers. As the guests continued popping in, the menu expanded further, and there was a need to find an investor that was willing to help grow the business.

Corner Bakery Café has been able to gain much popularity by offering an enhanced experience to every guest visiting the café. The quality and breadth of the restaurant are well-known thanks to the successful catering program incorporated by the management team. Corner Bakery Café has steadily moved up the ladder to become the industry’s segment leader, with more than twenty percent of the brand’s sales being attributed to catering.

In early 1996, Corner Bakery Café stretched its outlets to some cities around the country, easing the congestion that begun to pile up at the Chicago outlet. The company started outsourcing for an investment partner that could further complement the brand, as well as increase capital base for expansion. II Fornaio turned out to be the best fit and purchased Corner Bakery Café assets together with Rosser, Sherrill & Co., Bruckman and LLC of New York. The change in ownership and managements encouraged the development of an aggressive growth strategy aimed at assisting the brand in growing successfully.

Presently, the franchise operates numerous outlets in various parts of the country including Central, Southern and Northern California, Florida, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Illinois, Maryland, Kentucky, Indiana, Montana, Mississippi, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Utah, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Montana, Kansas, Georgia, Arizona as well as various locations in Texas. In all these locations, clients receive a casual atmosphere, where they can gather meet up and relax with friends and family.

Under the executive leadership of Frank Paci the CEO, Mike Hislop, the chairman of the board, Blake Bernet the Chief Legal Officer, Denise Clemens the vice president of HR and Ric Scicchitano the vice president of food and beverages, Corner Bakery Café has been able to retain a proper standing in every neighborhood they operate. This has improved fast-paced as well as efficient in-line ordering, with the comfort of table service delivery.

The outlet has to deal with many issues concerning the provision of services. Numerous clients often raise complaints lamenting on how they experience frequent interruptions from the staff. In some instances, customers complain of receiving wilted salads. The management, therefore, takes it upon themselves to offer an apology and even compensate these customers whenever necessary. Even so, a greater percentage of customers leave Corner Bakery Café with complete satisfaction.